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Miracles and Mission, Love and Provision (2017) $12.99 USD



Kathryn  Sears is a prime example of what God can do with an ordinary  person who is surrendered to His will. This book documents many of the  ways in which God can speak to, direct and use one person to change many  lives. It may change yours. As you read of the miracles and missions,  you will be inspired, challenged and motivated to do great exploits for  our God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Daniel 11:32b (NKJV) The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

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Delivered By His Power, Living in His Righteousness (2015) $6.99 USD


 A Testimony and Basic Deliverance Teaching

Through  her personal experience, and those of others, Kathryn Sears shows the  way to freedom from bondage through God’s word and the power of the  cross. This book has been written out of her desire and calling to set  the captives free. She lets down her guard and shares personal and  intimate details, believing that these testimonies of deliverance  through God’s power will open your eyes and build your faith to walk in  the victory you have longed for. 

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Empowered by the Holy Spirit (2014) $6.99 USD


 I  believe this book will encourage your faith and bring you into new  heights in every area of your Christian walk. Being born again brought  me into a new life in Christ, I knew I would never be the same again.  However, when I received the ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit’ months later, I  experience a closeness to the Lord I had not known before. Similar to  the disciples after the day of Pentecost, I had a new confidence and  boldness, love and power. The word of God came as a revelation. In  short, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit propelled me to another level of  abundant life in Christ. Because of my experience I have a strong desire  to see the body of Christ empowered.  

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Saved By His Grace, Testimony and Teaching (2014) $6.99 USD



This  is one of the clearest books written on the plan of salvation. Kathryn  shares her personal story and gives a step by step scriptural  explanation of what it means to know Jesus, and to be loved by Him. Over  many years of missionary outreaches, Kathryn has lead several thousand  people out of darkness into the light of Christ.

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